✔ Olof, age 37

“It has been really helpful to have your support over these months. Thank you so much for helping me get my motivation back sorting my health out and keep it that way. It’s been invaluable!”

✔ Michael, age 35

“Rob helped me understand the finer points of a vegan diet for training. Meals are effortless and taste great. Through his training plan I went through a solid recomp cutting 4 kilos of fat while building muscle.”

✔ Jens, age 31

“There is no such thing as a free lunch. However, if you are ready to put in the time and effort, Rob’s guidance will for sure bring you the results. I think my progression photos put it clearer than I can in words.”

Alicia, age 20

“Rob helped me through my first NPC bikini competition prep and helped me achieve an outstanding physique! He provided me support in all aspects-physical AND emotional while pushing me past my limited beliefs.”

Brad, age 48

“I just want to say if it wasn’t for your help these results would have never been obtainable. Thanks Rob.”

George, age 24

“Working with Rob I was able to reach my goals as well as learn how to maintain the condition I achieved. He is approachable, knows his stuff and kept me motivated throughout the process.”

 Harry, age 22

“Rob has been friendly and approachable throughout our coaching block. Our initial goal was fat loss; we managed to lose 12kg (26lbs). Now we are entering into a lean-gain phase to add as much lean muscle as possible whilst keeping the body fat percentage in check. Thanks.”

 Xavier, age 27

“Been working with VP the past few weeks as part of the nutritional coaching. I was preparing for a BJJ competition and was able to drop a weight class, maintain my performance, and ended up going 5 for 5 at the tournament to take first. Worth a shot if you are new to the vegan lifestyle, or especially to athletic performance based eating on a vegan diet.”

✔ Will, age 25

“When I sought after Rob’s advice, I felt like I could never achieve a physique, although I had been lifting a little while I just seemed to be getting chunkier as opposed to an aesthetic look. Rob’s expertise and guidance has allowed me to get on with the work at hand, and not worry about the little mistakes made along the way. I have learnt so much from him, overcome my own problems with eating habits and now feel like the person I want to be in regards to health and fitness. He has improved my life ten fold.”

 Tom, age 30

“In an industry plagued by misinformation and outdated concepts, Rob’s approach is a refreshing and much needed change. I have gained just over 3 kilos of lean mass in 10 weeks. Given my hectic lifestyle I thought this would prove difficult, however subtle changes to my daily caloric intake and choice of foods, has meant Rob has managed to adapt to my working schedule with relative ease.”

 Luke, age 26

“Rob’s coaching skills were just what I needed. The diet was super easy to follow and the training regime challenging but enjoyable. I went from 17% Body Fat down to 10%. I’ve never been as lean and felt as good. He was always on hand to answer any questions and I highly recommend his programme for anyone wanting to see productive results quickly.”

✔ Liana, age 25

“Rob has not only been a coach to me throughout my transformation, he has also been a friend and shown me incredible support. Whenever I needed a push he would do that, whenever I lacked motivation he would remind me why I started and whenever I doubted myself he would reassure me and help me find myself again. His coaching is one of a kind, I have never felt alone during my time spent working with Rob and I am forever grateful for all the time, energy, kindness, professionalism and patience he has shown me. I would not be where I am today without him.”

 Lee, age 32

“Since going vegan I struggled with finding the correct diet that was cheap, quick and easy meals for me to stick to that helped me lose weight and gain muscle. However, Vegan Physique and Rob have done exactly that. With a few months I’ve lost nearly 28lbs and have got in to the best shape of my life. I also feel so full of energy and my confidence is sky high. Thanks Rob.”

✔ Tom, age 28

“10/10 to this guy for his support these last few months. I’ve noticed my body changing each week, getting leaner but also looking bigger and stronger too.”