VeganPhysique™ 12 Week Transformation Plan




The VeganPhysique™ Transformation Plan is the most effective way to fast-track your body composition goals. It is a 12 week, all-in-one service that provides you with the formula you need to achieve your goal physique. If you’re someone who wants a simple and stress-free solution, and the benefit of a coach to check-in with, then the Transformation Plan is for you. Here’s what you’ll get:

Comprehensive 12 week coaching programme, with fully managed nutrition and training.

Work 1on1 with a coach with a history of successful client transformations.

Learn how to build sustainable lifestyle habits, instead of continuously ‘yoyo’ dieting.

You will get specific calorie & macronutrient targets, a variety of meal options, straightforward preparation instructions, a full grocery list and adjustments where required to prevent plateaus.

You will also get tailored workout routines, with exact breakdowns of reps, sets, rest times and cadence, plus demonstrations with pictures for each exercise. Adjustments will also be made where required to prevent plateaus.

The Transformation Plan is my top-tier package and all the client transformations you see on the site are individuals I have coached on a 1on1 basis.
There will be weekly check-ins to frequently assess progress. Every 7 days, we will be monitoring:

1. Bodyweight & measurements (chest, arm, waist and thigh)

2. (Optional) Visual changes via weekly progress photos

3. Dietary adherence

4. Exercise adherence & performance

5. Mood

6. Quality of sleep

The check-ins are vital as they provide the key metrics by which we assess progress, and therefore what adjustments we need to make to fine-tune and optimise the protocols.
Whether the goal is primarily fat loss, or muscle-building, we want to avoid plateaus.

Where required, modifications to the nutrition (for example an increased/decreased calorie intake or altering the macronutrient ratios) and training (for example an upregulation in energy expenditure or training volume) will be made.

The goal is to establish what works for your body. By working together over a period of several months, we are able to refine and optimise based on the key metrics.
Outsource your accountability by working with me, a coach with years of experience and a proven track record.

Having a third-party to check in with and report progress to, is a key form of accountability that ensures you stay focused and execute on the plan.

As a coach, I will not only add value by constructing the ideal process for you from a nutrition and training standpoint, but I will also help you stay on track by keeping you motivated even when you feel like giving up.

Access to me at all times to answer queries.

Timely and detailed responses.

Support and encouragement throughout our coaching block.
Please get in touch. I'll be happy to discuss your particular situation and answer any questions you have about the coaching process.