What period of time does the ‘Customised Vegan Meal Plan’ cover?

The customised meal plan covers a week’s worth of different meals. If clients prefer less variety in their diet and would like to bulk-prep, I can account for this. If you are looking for a plan that also includes training protocols, weekly check-ins, adjustments and progress reporting, the VeganPhysique™ 8 Week Transformation Plan would be more suitable.


– Are there limitations on who can take part in the coaching i.e. age/sex/geographical location/level of experience?

There are no limitations on who can take part. I coach individuals worldwide regardless of their prior experience, age, sex etc. All I ask is that the client is willing to give me their best effort.


— I’ve just placed my order. What happens next?

Welcome aboard. Please fill out the questionnaire which I will email to you. The answers to this questionnaire will provide me with the information I need to get to work on customising your plans. I will probably have further questions to ensure that the plans are tailored as closely as possible to your requirements, so please keep an eye on your inbox. If you have any questions, please click here to contact me.


– I cannot add items to my cart, what should I do?

If you face issues adding items to your cart, please ensure your browser allows cookies. No personal information is stored within these cookies. If the problem persists, please click here to contact me.


– Do you accept payment in USD/EUR/AUD etc?

Yes, all currencies are accepted. The checkout process will allow you to pay in your local currency. If you have any issues checking out, please click here to contact me.