A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Rob – the head coach here at Vegan Physique.

My goal is to inspire other fitness enthusiasts to give the vegan diet a try. I truly believe that the vegan diet is hands down the best way to eat for optimal performance and recovery if that be in bodybuilding, athletics or any sport in general. Now I have the chance to work 1on1 with others to help guide them with their nutrition and training to get the results they desire.

The coaching process for me is incredibly rewarding. The feeling of being able to help others achieve their goals brings me immense fulfilment and I am extremely proud of the results my clients have been able to attain.

As a coach my aim with each client is to build individualised plans that are adapted week by week to ensure consistent progress. When life gets in the way and my clients are presented with challenges, I work to adapt the protocols to these situations. So no matter how unpredictable their schedule or life circumstances are, I make things work for them and take the stress out of the process.

A successful working relationship with each client requires clear communication, adaptability and patience. These are skills I pride myself on and are what has allowed my clients to do so well.